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Windows 10 hidden cost

Mudiver 9 Rep.

My OS is Windows 7 Ultimate 64 I know I’ll lose all my carryed over XP programs, but what I don’t know is how many programs made for my current OS Windows  will disappear forever. I paid 1000s for these programs, Windows 7 preserved my XP programs,  will Windows 10 do the same with my Windows 7 programs?

Kiran Kumar answered
Kiran Kumar 48 Rep.

Under the hood, Windows 10 is very similar to Windows 7. Almost all programs that run on Windows 7 will run in Windows 10 too. The only upgrade problems come from incompatible drivers and hardware. In your case you are talking about installed programs and you should not be concerned much about it. In worst scenario, Windows 10 comes with automatic compatibility detection and runs in Windows 7 compatibility mode. If it misses any program, you an go to right-click on the program .exe file or shortcut, select Properties > Compatibility tab, and select Windows 7.

Now Windows 10 will adjust the settings a s per Windows 7 and run it without problems. Hope it helps.

Kiran Kumar answered


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